A Heart of Emotions

First of all, I have to make a confession. If you meet with me in person, I’m not exactly the center of the party! I do like to crack a few jokes and have fun, especially to those close to me. But towards my preaching as well as in the Millennial Spark, I’m rather logical than emotional. My brother sort-of shares this perspective as well.

From my view, this is an undervalued trait for us Christians. It’s one trait in which I hope to work on in the coming years — along with the other trait of letting my emotions go. Don’t get me wrong! Emotions are so very important. They help us make appropriate decisions in the short-term. At the same time, emotions give us motivation. It’s a drive inside of us to do something positive. In me and my brother’s case, we have emotions behind doing this ministry. We have a heart for it. And the only way to worship and obey God is with a full heart and open arms to Him and everyone else.

In addition, we are to not turn a blind eye to the logical. There are in-fact answers to so many of our inner questions, yet we seem to not care to look for those answers. We expect people to come to Christ PURELY on emotion. A key factor in Christianity is faith. It’s the fact that you don’t see a way out, but you trust God that He will provide a way out. That’s true faith! And we are to not confuse this with asking spiritual questions inside of us. Let us work to find these answers! This serves not only for our interest, but the motivating factor for others to come to Christ. Point out all the prophecies and miracles Jesus did during His time! He wants us to be satisfied with our life’s foundation. To know that He is in-fact there. And once we have our foundation set, we then have true faith in His invisible hand guiding us through life.

The point of this article is PLEASE don’t leave unanswered questions inside of you. At the same time, please be at peace. God is all-powerful and all-knowing What He desires will in-fact be done. It’s through His purity and innocence that we can trust His way. Let us ask these questions so we may have true faith in Him, and give Him everything we have in this life. Let us give it all away.

God bless, and happy Valentine’s Day!



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