As We Are

“Who are you?” It’s a question that is so important. We visited this question before in a previous Bible blog. We talked about how our value is not based on what others say about us, but rather on what God says about us. And we now come to this Bible blog to talk more about who we are. But this article is special. It will involve a community of people who are unaware, and wrongly beaten down. They are a people who are trying their best. They’re as a blind person who’s trying to find his way, and yet others keep tripping him. I’m talking, of course, about the homosexual community. This is such an important discussion to have, so please listen.

Many of you may associate the song “Just As I Am” with Billy Graham. It was with this song that inspires us. Even if we’re ashamed and wrong, God always has his arms open for us. It doesn’t matter who we are. As the song states, come to the Lord just as you are. With sin, imperfections, and all.

Let me give my own personal bit to this article. Many of you may know that I used to be bullied back in high school. You know that, but you don’t know the full story. You see, I was bullied because I was labeled a homosexual. Just to explain, I had a counselor a few years back and we talked whether or not I was homosexual. Through that conversation, we both concluded that I was not homosexual. And it’s ironic now because here I am today as a preacher… Making my bullies looking like fools. But the fact that I was bullied gives me an opportunity to bridge the gap between us Christians and homosexuals.

Let me be clear: If you’re a homosexual, God does not want to beat you down. God does not want you dead or even persecuted. He wants you to find acceptance, be loved, and stand on truth. And my heart goes out to you because you’re in such a difficult predicament. As a preacher, I’m here to offer peace and security. I wish I could be more, but I can’t. I mentioned in another Bible blog that we all are on our own journey in life. Those who are homosexual are on a more difficult journey than others. I’m not here to say homosexuality is not a sin. Please don’t get me wrong. But truth is not always what we want it to be. So I wish to tell the homosexual community, find out what is true and pure. Even if it hurts. I as a preacher would be happy to point you a direction. But in the end, you must take that journey alone and ask the question of what is true in life.

I don’t know if homosexuality is a choice or given innately. It’s not for me to judge. God himself knows, and that’s all that matters. What I’m here to offer is encouragement to find the truth. Most of my readers are full-grown adults, and that is how God treats us. We have the knowledge that sometimes the truth hurts. And that’s what I hope you will find acceptance for. May God bless you on this journey. May you find peace with the truth.

God bless you.



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