Being Our Own Leader

Caleb McCool
3 min readFeb 6


“And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?” — — Exodus 3:11

We’re all scared of it. The burden that comes with being a leader. Because of this, many people shy away from being a leader. We find an excuse and we cling to it. We let other people step up and deal with the problems. But what if I told you that God has chosen you to make a difference somewhere. Perhaps God might appoint you as a leader to go help others in various ways. And the mission I’m referring to could be something as small as asking a stranger how their day has been. Or saying a prayer for a struggling friend. But in the more serious missions, would you be scared? Would you turn away? In fact, God has chosen each of us to be leaders. This is due to the fact that God has given us a mission to complete while on this Earth. So, what’s our mission? This is a very important question. It’s important to know your “why?” in life. So let me ask you, why do you get up in the morning? Why do you go to church on Sundays? Why do you hold onto your faith? Let yourself ask these questions honestly, and let the answer be what it is. And make appropriate actions afterwards.

But let’s get back to the talk of leadership. You might ask, “why does the leader go out of his or her way to work for a goal?” Many leaders do what they do because they believe in it. And if they don’t, they fail every time. Isn’t that key for our faith? Do we really believe in our faith, or are we uncertain? Again, let the answer be what it is. And may we make appropriate actions for that answer.

The fact is, God has appointed us to go out and save the lost. The Great Commission was given to us by Jesus in Matthew 28:18–20. We are also appointed to strengthen the weak and set an example. We do in fact have a mission. And we’ve been called to be leaders for that mission. So, what’s in the way of us taking the step of being a leader? Just as with Moses, it’s our insecurities. The question of what would happen if we fail. Or the question of, “Am I good enough?” In our fight for what is good in this world, we’re going to make mistakes. We’re human. But it’s a fight we need to undergo nonetheless.

Evil is real and it’s alive. And it festers in this world. Don’t be fooled, we are soldiers on this battlefield called Earth. My hope is that this article will encourage you, and even empower you to become your own leader. Don’t rely on someone else to do a job. Do it yourself. Be a leader because you believe it. And it’s great to have passion and to have the will to be a leader, but don’t forget that strategy is part of winning the battle. Read books about your faith. Know what you believe. And you’ll be a stronger soldier because of it.

I’ve used songs in the past to explain my point here on The Millennial Spark. Let me do so again. There’s a song by the group Jars of Clay called “Good Monsters.” It’s album title is of the same name as the song. The whole purpose of this song is to tell that there are good monsters in the world as well as bad monsters. The bad monsters will continue to wreak havoc until they are stopped. Who will stop them? I’ll let you answer that question. Keep in mind that we are in fact on a battlefield between good and evil. Let us be soldiers for what is good in this world.