Sin Into Beauty

Today, I was feeling incredible dread. I’ve been feeling this way for many years now. I could never understand it. Something deep inside of me was bothersome, but I couldn’t figure it out. Without hope. Full of darkness. It shook my bones and dimmed any light inside of me. However, a revelation has come to me tonight. And I wish to propose to you a theory. This is not stated so clearly in the bible, but hear me out! It’s worth a small glance. I’ll give you a general overview here, and get into more of the details in the following paragraph. God has a trend going on. Look it up in the bible! The trend is this: God takes a dark situation and makes it into light. From sin to salvation. Hopeless to hopeful.

The perfect example is Jesus. You’ve heard me say it over and over again. Adam and Eve sinned at the beginning of it all, and this is the reason why we suffer today. The day Adam and Eve sinned, God had a plan for salvation. He had a plan to turn the tables. Salvation came not from an emperor, but from a small child born in a manger. Meek and lowly, this child would grow up into a carpenter. With only twelve disciples, he journeyed on in his ministry. He would go on to change the world. God took a small and simple person in order to confound the strong and wise. A baby in a manger would confound the kings of the earth.

Let me give you another example. Jesus hung on the cross. With his blood shed and a torn back, this small carpenter met His end. He was as a criminal. All of His followers found themselves scattered and without hope. The movement of Christ had come to an end… or did it? The cross went on to be a symbol of hope. His teachings would spread throughout the world. The pain of the cross became our joy. The sin at the cross became beauty.

Now, let’s go to today. We live through nightmares and tragedies. How can we survive? How do we go on when in our heart we begin to understand… there is no going back? What we hold sacred is torn. What should not be turns into a reality. And we go throughout life thinking that once we reach heaven, we will turn to this earth in regret and shame. Yet, I would disagree. To put it bluntly, I think we will look back in awe and wonder. All of the turmoil we’ve lived on this earth will turn into peace. What was once darkness now finds itself as if darkness had never existed.

Why do I say this? I confess, I’m not sure if this is what will happen. But what I am sure about is God has a trend going on. You see, God has a tendency of taking destructive situations to us, all while turning them into building us up and our own glory. When we reach heaven, we’re not going to see regret and shame. Instead, we will stand in amazement of how God has orchestrated all things for good for those who love Him. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel hopeless. Every part within me truly believes our hearts and minds will be too full of joy and love for any darkness to enter. We will be that happy. God will use truth and love to make us happy. Again, I say this on the basis of God has a trend to turn the tables! A baby born in a manger would change the world. The shame of the cross would turn into beauty. Pain and regret would turn into joy forevermore.

The lesson is this: Trust in God. Give Him everything you have. All of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is the magnificence of God. This is what makes sin into beauty. Isn’t it wonderful that we can trust in Him?



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