So You Think You Have Control? … Cute.

Caleb McCool
2 min readNov 29, 2022


So many people think they run their own lives. Are you one of these people? Do you think hard labor and smart work will set up your future? That’s cute… Let me tell you something. Jesus had it right when He said in John 6:63 that human power is of no use at all. Let me ask again: Do you really think you have control over your life? Let’s explore this question…

There are so many factors that are at play here. The first is the obvious, in which regards our environment. None of us control where we’re born and how we’re raised. We can’t control family who betray us. We can’t control a friend dying at a young age. All we can do is radically accept it and make decisions from there.

Do you still think you’re in control? As if your environment is enough of a factor, also consider your genetics. You can labor all day and still do poor in mathematics. All of your effort can go into acting and drama, but you still look like an animated robot. It all comes down to our skills and talents. On a personal level, I’m not going to be an NBA player, EVER. Go ahead and laugh! Can you imagine a five-foot ten twig on the court going against a 250-pound center? Me neither. It’s like a bicycle going against a train. In short, my genetics limit me. It takes effort alone just to learn my skills and talents as an individual. And even if I spent a life trying to figure it out, I could still miss life’s opportunities!

Lastly, there is also the biological factor in which is so-easily missed. Most people don’t even realize this part. I like to call this the “weakness of the flesh.” This is an appropriate label because our flesh can control every part of us. We can control our actions, but we cannot control our emotions. We can bury it, but it’ll eventually get out. Nearly all humans become emotionally compromised. Chemical imbalances can cause mental illnesses such as clinical depression and even schizophrenia. This is an example of the weakness of the flesh.

Don’t fret. God knows our limitations. We are so weak and frail in our human ways. But I have good news for you… God is always in control. It’s God who calms an ocean storm and moves mountains. It’s God who has made heaven, earth, and even our ability to sin against Him. The lesson is this: Trust God. In our struggle on this earth, God will bring everything together for all who love God, who are called to His purpose — Romans 8:28.