The Millennial Spark

Caleb McCool
4 min readFeb 6


You might have asked, “Why is this blog called The Millennial Spark?” The answer is simple. We live in a new millennium where the old paradigms’ are long dead. As a result, a new paradigm has come into being. Those who accept this new paradigm will prosper, while those who don’t will be left behind. In other words, the old ways of culture are finished and the new ways of culture now live. There’s an important message in this regarding the church. For it’s the church that normally accepts tradition. It’s the church that accepts an old paradigm. They expect everyone to dress up and listen to gospel singing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this. For it’s not about the outside that matters, but rather the inside. But if we are to strategize as a church — and there is nothing wrong with strategizing, then we can convince many more people to follow Christ.

Let’s go back for a minute and talk about that old paradigm that the church has. There is always a constant change in the world based on what the new generation sees to be true. If you’re looking for the truth, you can’t just say, “This is what I was taught. So this must be right.” That argument has no credibility whatsoever. If you look for the truth, never assume tradition has it right. At the same time, don’t look for what is seen as “cool” or “uncool.” To find what is true, we are to accept reality how it is. Let us remove any bias that is inside of us. Let the truth be what it is. This is such a difficult and humbling process that few see what is true, let alone attempt to see the truth.

So we’ve determined that truth is what it is, putting aside any traditions or future trends. So how do we find out what is true? That’s the question Pontius Pilate famously asked before Jesus and right before His crucifixion. Unfortunately, that’s an advantage Satan has against us. The advantage of what we don’t know. In order to know the truth, you must take an idea and test it. Put it in the fire of criticism. If it comes out unblemished, then it must be true. Otherwise, it’s burnt up in the fire. The author of this article begs you to not assume what is true. This author begs you to search for the truth. It can be said with confidence that those who search for truth will be filled. (Matt. 5:6)

Sorry, I’m way off topic now. Let’s go back to the original question: Why is this blog called The Millennial Spark? It’s because this new generation — the millennial generation — is currently living on this Earth right now. And this is key, because this new generation of people have something very special that no other generation has ever had. That “something special” is opportunity. Do you want change the world? Then create a blog and write about your passions. Post it on Facebook for all of your friends to see. Use your phone’s camera to become a professional photographer. Make a video and send it to hundreds of your followers on Twitter. Social media and the internet have opened up the opportunity of sharing ideas in such a way. Never has the world seen this until today. You can literally change the world, all while you merely sit at your computer. The millennial age has transformed the world into something vastly different, and we still cannot see the end of the horizon.

The author of this blog is a humble, lowly, and self-conscious individual. But as an individual of the millennial age, I understand the opportunity that my generation has in order to change the world. Is it changing the world in a good way? In that case, let’s hope there are more good millennialists than there are bad ones. This blog serves as a way that I can make a difference in people’s lives. To hopefully start a spiritual revival in me and my friends’ lives. You could say I want to make a “spark” in my community. A spark that will bring out a blazing fire for Christ. It’s not my place to say if this will happen or not. It’s your place. It starts with you. If I could ask you, let my writing start your fire for Christ. Let it be a spark for you in dark times. This is why I have a passion, and this is why I write. God bless.