The Spark is Alive

Caleb McCool
2 min readDec 6, 2022


The entire message of Christianity is redemption. Recantation. Rebirth. To not necessarily dismiss our past, but rather to free us from the darker side of things. Don’t get me wrong, this is not in reference to make our pains and trials suppressed. It’s okay to acknowledge the hurt… And then develop the realization that our physical body has went through it. To the other side. Another heartbeat. At the same time, part of us in a way have in-fact died from our traumas when we lose what we love. It’s okay to be sad. But that’s where redemption comes in. Reincarnation. Rebirth.

If we look at past lives, we can examine that our “partial deaths” are unavoidable. (Hebrews 12:1–2) So, in a sense, it’s like our physical death — but more personal. More intimate. Scars not on the outside, but on the inside. Considering this, what if I told you a story where the hero chose to willingly develop inner scars? For what was held sacred to be torn? To do this to save a people? And I use that wording carefully. The ‘A People’ references age, ethnicity, culture, race, gender, and opinion. Can you think of any heroes? Abraham. David. Noah. The Apostle Paul. Billy Graham. Martin Luther King, Jr. William Wilberforce. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Jesus…

Understand this: You can’t have something torn if you don’t hold what is sacred. The choices above remain a mystery, but it doesn’t have to. We can clearly see if we are capable to understand. Looking at their deeds, perhaps there’s something more sacred than what we hold in this moment. A sacred token that can be broken, but be remade over & over. Freedom from captivity. Forgiveness of sin. Redemption. Reincarnation. Rebirth.

So with all that’s been said, let us come to the conclusion. The sacred may be torn, but there are always hands to hold us — no matter how broken.

God bless.