The Weeping Writer

Caleb McCool
3 min readFeb 6


Many of you may know of the weeping prophet, Jeremiah. It was him who was ordained an order to inform the Israelite’s to repent of their sins. Elsewise, they would be overrun and conquered. To Jeremiah’s disappointment, they ridiculed and mocked him for his warnings. You could imagine what happened next: Low and behold, Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 BC. An entire nation refused to believe in the cries from Jeremiah. As a writer, I can relate with him. Among the most painful tragedies to endure as a Christian preacher is to speak a message that no one hears. A preacher’s darkest dread and greatest fear is to give a heartfelt message that leads to them being ostracized. The thought that the church family that you’re apart of would reject and demonize you for what your heart wants to say. It’s similar to watching a poisoned patient who is close to death. You have a cure and want to freely give, but they reject you. They deprecate you. They demean you. This is all done while you have a pure heart to save a life. And as a result of their actions, the patient dies. You wonder how things would be different if only they had heeded your warning.

There are only two times recorded in scripture where God forces the will of a man to go a certain way. One is of Pharaoh during Moses’ time, as well as the other regarding the future battle of “Gog and Magog.” God never forces His will on the will of others. He lets them decide for themselves. This is why the people of Israel chose to ridicule Jeremiah. They had free will. Jeremiah did the job God had given him. And that’s all we can do as His children.

Many other artists — in history or modern-day — make such dark content. One is Edgar Allan Poe. He was a strange fellow who definitely had it tough. You can tell in his writings in which the pain he endured. This next example might be silly to mention, but a past rock band known as My Chemical Romance wrote many songs about dark content. Their target audience was mostly teenagers, but they became rather famous because they introduced the adult content to their audience. There was something about such in which interested many teenagers. You could tell the band wrote songs that were real and touched on everyone’s experience on life. I find inspiration in that.

Personally, I find inspiration in Jeremiah and, yes, even My Chemical Romance. Both were rather real and honest. It was both that poured their soul into the message that they needed to give to their generation. I wish to copy that passionate style as an artist.

Basically, the purpose of this article is to encourage you as the individual to search for the truth. Don’t automatically dismiss someone nor be gullible in their teachings. We are to search and find the answers for ourselves. It’s a big world out there, but we can find satisfying answers. As the Bible states, God is a rewarder to those who seek him (Hebrews 11:6). May we trust in His promise.